The only thing you need





The only thing you need to jump into your dream is a “Why”.

No, I didn’t want to talk when we were more than a couple of friends. I’d rather be quiet, that’s what I am, and, there are always others telling jokes, gossip or news.

I was more in my own world, thinking or writing or talking one-to-one friends. Weel, when its face to face, I could talk even to an unknown guy, if its an interesting one.

I was happy, or mostly happy like that. I remember my wedding day. I had chosen a beautiful letter by St. Paul, but when the priest asked me to read it loud, I couldn’t. Just my throat close, I blushed into red, I panicked.
And I have regretted sooo many years.

Many years later, I become a foster mother, besides my two own daughters, of two Saharan refugees little girls; Gajmula and Ehyeiba.
They use to live in the desert under terrible conditions; no water access, very limited education, no medical care, poor nutrition conditions.

For four years two each one, they came home two months to avoid the thought desert summer.

We had so many wonderful first times:

Gajmula made an immersion in ‘Culture western’: from Cinderella to Friends, including Pippi Langstrum, Ehyeiba tasted ice cream ” is disgusting! It’s coooold (Things are not as they are, things are as we look at, or taste it”, a good lesson for me)

They fell down from the bed the first night they slept in a normal bed. So I put the mattress on the floor, my daughters join their, and girls were utterly happy!

They got a health check, Ehyeiba, at her 1o years old, was diagnosed with tuberculosis, a disease that here is easily cured, but in Sahara hadn’t been even diagnosed. She saved her life because she was here!

Before they enter into my life, I didn’t know we were bond like mother-daughter. I didn’t know they would become more than best friends to my girls, they are sisters.

And once the came to the incredibly difficult life to the desert, I realize that here… nobody cares.
Well, that is not true. Everybody is too busy with their day a day life, and nobody knew about refugee kids without a proper house or school.

So, when I was asked to talk during a charity dinner about my experience as girls refugees mother I said yes.
I said yes all inside trembling and a little bit outside when they said me the mayor and authorities were there.

And I did because I had a Why.

And Gajmula and Ehyeiba are more important than my fear of speak in front of anyone.

Look inside you, because it’s already there, and find your ‘why’, the rest will come.

The Joy of Speaking

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